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About the company

DETRA provides full-scale approach to solid commercial mineral field development. We are the only integrated service company in the mining industry on the territory of Russia and CIS countries that provides a full range of services for surface and underground mining operations.
  • since 2011
    in the industry
  • 1270 employees
    with the Company Group
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Business Ethic is a core principle of work

We value our reputation that’s why we give only realistic promises; we are not guided by short-term gains and keep transparent records on our activities.

  • Right now we are operating in 9 time zones
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    We think about Customers benefits

    We do not just accomplish assigned tasks automatically but together with the Customers we analyze the problems and find the best technical and economical solutions.

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    We use unique technologies in Russia and CIS countries

    We are constantly developing and adopting the best experience gained by our foreign colleagues.

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    We do not give unrealistic promises

    We establish achievable time frames for work completion and take on only those tasks that we know exactly how to perform efficiently.

    In 2019 DETRA LLC joined OGK Group

    By pooling our resources, we have become the only independent contractor in Russia and the CIS countries that performs a full range of work in the mining industry.

    about OGK Group ogkgroup.ru

    Top managers not just manage but move the Company forward

    DETRA is primarily about people. We highly appreciate that the Company is managed by the most competent and in-demand professionals in the industry:

    • Andrey Popov
      CEO DETRA LLC, Board of Directors member
    • Anatoly Pak
      OGK Group Board of Directors Chairman
    • Dmitriy Korobov
      Deputy CEO DETRA LLC, Business Development, Board of Directors member
    • Aleksandr Leskov
      Director of DETRA LLC Division in Khabarovsk
    • Aleksandr Chizhov
      Director of Procurement and Logistics
    • Irina Kokotkina
      Chief Manager, Human Resources Department
    • Vitaly Popelyaev
      Chief Manager, Long-Term Development Department

    Company development in key figures

    There is steady progress in our efficiency thanks to competence and total dedication of DETRA employees.

  • Their commitments are fundamentals to the Company’s development

    The Company’s key performance indicators

    Data is forecasted for the end of 2019.

    65 891 523 m³
    Exploded mined rock
    123 000 000 t·km
    Excavated and transported mined rock
    2 740 881 r.m
    Diamond and RC drilling on surface workings and in UMRWs
    Employees with the Company Group
    Units of equipment in the fleet

    We are proud to work with the most demanding Customers

    Our reliability is confirmed by work with the leaders among mining and industrial companies.

    Worth its weight in gold

  • DETRA has established itself as a responsible company that fulfills its contractual obligations in full, is always ready for dialogue and takes into account the customer’s needs. Omolon Gold Mining company is ready for further beneficial cooperation in the implementation of current and future projects.
    A. V. Evtushenko
    acting Managing Director of Omolon Gold Mining Company LLC
    DETRA showed high efficiency, reliability and flexible approach to customer needs. Special attention should be paid to the responsible attitude and enthusiasm of the company’s staff in the performance of production tasks, strict compliance with the rules of labor protection, industrial safety, environmental protection. We can recommend the DETRA company as a conscientious partner and reliable supplier of drilling services.
    S. V. Yanchukov
    General Director of Mangazeya Zoloto LLC,
    the managing organization Koryakmining LLC
    DETRA is engaged in ongoing optimization of drilling processes to increase productivity and reduce wasting of time. It allowed to reduce the cost of the accompanying in-mine exploration for MMC Norilsk Nickel. We can recommend the DETRA company as a reliable business partner, strictly fulfilling its contractual obligations.
    A. A. Kondratyev
    General Director of Norilskgeologia LLC
    DETRA was one of the first companies in the Russian Federation, which tested and implemented the blast hole drilling and RC-drilling using a single drilling rig FlexiROC. The company’s specialists were trained in Norway to adopt the best practices of RC-drilling using Atlac Copco drilling machines. DETRA has established itself only on the positive side, as a conscientious and reliable partner with whom we plan to continue cooperation.
    S. V. Shumilov
    General Director of Rudnik Valunisty LLC
    We have chosen this contractor for drilling operations, as when choosing a third-party contractor, we define the quality of drilling operations for the purposes of operational exploration as the main priority. Highly qualified specialists are involved into the project. Due to this, in September 2018, DETRA achieved high performance and drilled 11250 l. m. of RS-drilling.
    S. Y. Vzigraev
    Managing Director of Mnogovershinnoe JSC
    The company has long-term effective drilling experience using Atlac Copco Flex ROC D65 machines, as well as sustainable experience of similar work in remote and hard-to-reach areas with complex logistics. At our project DETRA has established itself as a reliable and responsible contractor. We hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.
    S. V. Shumilov
    Managing Director for the Chukotka Region,
    The whole complex of works was performed with proper quality and in full. When performing works, the company pays great attention to the technical condition of the equipment, providing a high coefficient of technical readiness of the equipment. DETRA has established itself as a conscientious and reliable partner, with whom we plan to continue cooperation on other promising projects.
    S. M. Ivanov
    Managing Director of
    Novo-Shyrokinskiy Rudnik JSC
    In a short time from the moment of reaching agreements, the contractor delivered the first complex of new equipment to the site, consisting of 4 Komatsu HD 785-7 dump trucks and a Komatsu PC1250 excavator. Within two weeks, the complex was assembled and put into operation, and within a month and a half from the moment of reaching agreements, the contractor began to perform work on the excavation and transportation of mined rock. In turn, highly appreciating the level, quality and timing of the work of DETRA LLC, we consider the possibility to attract the company to work on the second stage of Pavlik’s development.
    S. Y. Terentyev
    General Director of PAVLIK JSC
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